Bites of Bits: Wild Thing by Josh Bazell

Another brief piece here. So… Wild Thing. The first thing to know is that this is a sequel to last year’s Beat the Reaper. I didn’t know this going in, but the book was fine without this knowledge. But you may want to read it first. Maybe. But I’m not you.

The second thing to know is that this book is a total “turn your brain off” read. Our main character, Pietro Brnwa (on the run from the mafia under the assumed name of Lionel Azimuth) is sent to investigate the possibility of a lake monster with Violet Hurst, a “sexy and self destructive paleontologist” (and yes that is from the back cover).

The most important question… Is it good? A monster hunter book, shelved in general fiction? Well… Yes. Good action, funny characters, ans the mystery that drives the plot is engaging and fun.

Most interesting? The thirty pages of notes and annotations that follow the story. Bazell did his research and is also quite well read. Annotations (mostly asides from Brnwa) litter the novel itself, and they bring a good amount of levity and humor to the text as a whole.

Look for this book in your favorite shop on Feb 8th if you’re hunting for a fun, funny, and surprisingly thoughtful read about modern politics, small town life… Oh, and sea monsters!


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