Bites of Bits

Today, I start adding little bits and updates, thanks to my new Android app.

I plan on trying to do one or two a week to supplement my normal postings. Mostly relating to short stories, or poems.

I’m starting this off with a personal favorite, “Coney Island: The Fun Is Over” by Joseph Heller. Collected in Catch As Catch Can, an excellent group of shorter fictions, interviews, and essays.

This particular piece exemplifies the type of memoir I love best. Morose, longing for days long since past.

In it, Heller thinks back on his childhood. He complains about tourists, recalls the rough life of growing up poor in a rich place, and sends up the idea of Coney Island with equal parts humor and sadness.

The collection is worth checking out for that piece alone, but it also houses great short fictions (also, some great bits on Catch-22) and I recommend you track the book down yourself.


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