An Introduction.

Welcome to my newest blog!  If you’ve been following me awhile, you’re probably sick of the name changes, the site changes, and the general lack of updates… and honestly, I don’t blame you.

I am too.  So I’m starting this bastard up and am trying to hit the ground running.  But WordPress is being a jackass and not letting me upload my banner image as an attempt to customize, so… I’m just going to post my first couple of posts and work through it this weekend.

So… Books and Bits.  No, not book reviews combined with nudity.  Unless that’s what you came to see.  Anyone?  No?  I thought I saw a hand?  No?  OK.

Anyway, my two biggest passions in life, since a young age, have been reading books and playing video games.  While I don’t believe the internet needs another blog about EITHER, I thought… why not one that combines the two?

So I’m going to try to make a weekly post here.  I’ll jump between books and games, but to make it a little more interesting, I’m only going to use video games from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras, mostly games that I remember, but I’m not sure many others do.

And I’m going to try my hardest not to miss too many posts… So feel free to give me crap if you notice I’m falling behind schedule!

First Book Post: The Instructions (ETA: Later Today)
First Game Post: Crystalis for the Nintendo Entertainment System (ETA March 11)

Thanks for reading and welcome to hell my new blog!


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